Competency Sector Project
Land and mapping
Revenue -Cadastral Mapping – Ownership Real Estate KHB, Private, SEZ, projects
Revenue- Survey – village survey no including MIS Real Estate Nandagudi SEZ- 12500 Acre
Base map preparation – City / Area level Planning Mysore CSOA
Regional level Base map /Settlements Planning Hutti and surrounds
Road network and inventory mapping Transport Mysore CSOA
Spatial analysis
Terrain analysis/ suitability Real estate NSEZ Nandagudi
Landuse metrics/ Built-up analysis/ Change detection Planning Bangalore- Remote sensing
Proximity, Accessibility analysis Planning Bangalore- R&D project
Asset mapping and MIS Real estate KSDL, KSRTC, Private
Landuse mapping Planning BCC-Bellary, Ramanagara, Kochi
Precision topographic /DGPS/GPS survey Real Estate Bangalore
Socio-economic household surveys Planning Bellary, Hutti- 268 villages
Transport survey – volume/OD/ Transport Mysore, Bangalore
Opinion / Willingness to pay survey Planning Bangalore
Heritage survey Planning Jaipur
Built up area survey Real Estate KSDL, Private sector
Water quality/Sampling and tests Planning Lakes and water bodies
Volumetric Assessment of Solid waste Planning SWM for 6 landfill sites, BBMP
Valuation, Modelling , Regulatory services
Valuation of immoveable assets Real Estate Private clients
Valuation by DCF method Real Estate Private clients
Real Estate Feasibility Real Estate Private clients, BDA
Partition / Joint venture advisory Real Estate Private clients
Planning regulation compliance Real Estate Private clients ( Major Fund houses)
Feasibility/viability studies Infrastructure Govt – BBMP/MCC- AHP/Markets/SWM
Bid document preparation Infrastructure BBMP SWM tenders
Architecture, Engineering
Conceptual plans/Scheme plans Architecture Private, KSHDCL, KSRTC, KHB, etc
Feasibility reports Architecture Private clients
Massing studies Architecture Private clients
Presentation and Sale drawings Architecture Private clients
Working Drawings- GFC Architecture KHB, KSRTC, DYSS, Private clients
Sanction drawings Architecture Apartment complex-private clients
Tender drawings Architecture KHB, KSRTC, KUD, DYSS, KSHDC, etc
Service integration Architecture KHB, KSRTC, KUD, private projects
Urban Planning
Comprehensive Investment Plan Planning
Urban Master Plans Planning BDA, RCUDA
Ward / Local Area Plans Planning Bellary
Transit Oriented Plans Planning Pilot
Mobility Plans Planning Gulbarga, Raichur as sub-consultant for UP
Development /Infrastructure  plan Planning Bellary
Program Formulation Planning Hutti Subregional Plan
Cluster development Plan Planning Hutti Subregional Plan
Building Development Controls and Regulation studies Planning RGRHCL, BIAL, BDA
Parking studies Planning Bangalore
Sub-Regional Planning Planning Hutti Sub regional Plan
Urban Slum studies Planning USAID
Plan studies using PCA/Demographic/Network approach/Cartographic techniques Planning
Integration of water within land use
DPR for the rejuvenation of tanks Planning Over 15 urban tanks implemented
Surface water management / Rainwater Infrastructure Mysore Zoo
Surface Water management / Pond at FMG Implementation Private Institutional client