September 26, 2017

About Us

With its corporate office in Bangalore, IDES Consulting has successfully completed 10+ years of providing high-quality services both in Indian and International context.

Facilitating and managing growth in a balanced way are challenges as India moves into a higher pace of urbanization and development.This pace is dictated by the availability of core infrastructures such as housing, water, power, sewerage, and roads. To effect qualitative improvements in these critical areas requires strong ability to synergize diverse interventions/projects with planning, technical know-how, fast-tracking implementation, along with adequate capital.

We believe that innovative, integrative and inclusive mechanisms combining financial, technical and managerial knowledge, along with design and engineering, can enable project success.

Our hands-on experience has given us

  • Local knowledge of municipalities, authorities and government bodies
  • Good understanding of key players
  • Use of extensive decision support tools
  • Integration of environmental concerns at the design stage
  • Ability to handle both greenfield and brownfield projects
  • A focus on creating a responsive built form to enhance quality of life

We can partner with your organization by providing services in the areas of

  • Project Development
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Spatial Planning

We offer long-term, reliable and dependable support.